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Internet performance

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Broadband service providers like REV that receive federal “High-Cost” funds are required to test a random sample of customer locations to ensure that quality standards for speed and latency, or response time, are being met.
What’s Involved?
  • An REV technician will be scheduled to come to install the testing equipment at your business at no charge. It just connects to your modem.
  • The equipment only checks the speed and efficiency of your internet. It does not collect information about your internet activities.

Help REV (formerly RTC, EATEL & Vision)

measure Internet performance…

REV receives High-Cost support from the FCC under the Connect America Fund – Broadband Loop Support (CAF-BLS) to meet defined broadband build-out obligations. The CAF-BLS program provides carriers with funding to upgrade network infrastructure and accelerate the offering of more robust broadband products.