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Symmetrical Speed Internet

We’ve reimagined our core business internet offering as a new, standalone, powerful solution. Symmetrical speeds, same upload and download internet speeds. All fiber.

All Fiber.

As businesses adopt increasingly bandwidth-hungry applications, the need for faster speeds and performance is essential. Propelled by technology trends such as the shift to remote work and the rise of software-defined networking, the importance of a robust network and fiber technology is more important than ever.

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Coax vs. Fiber

What’s the difference? 

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Managed WiFi

Hassle-free wireless connectivity for your workspace. Establish secure wireless connectivity in the workplace for employees, and separate public access for guests. This flexible, fully managed wi-fi solution provides an ultra-secure private wireless network for your employees, and can also be used to create a separate public network for guests.

Managed Services

Who has time for technical maintenance? We do. From managed backups to monitoring services, our portfolio of managed services exist to keep your business technology up and running 24/7. No matter what size, industry or challenge you face, our team is ready to partner with yours.

Metro E

Metro E is Ethernet like the protocol you run on your Local Area Network (LAN). But it has been standardized and adapted to also run on a Metropolitan Area Network (MAN).

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is REV Business's Internet part of a bundle?

REV Business’s Internet is a standalone service. No bundles required.

Are speeds guaranteed?

Download and upload speeds shown are “up to” with no minimum level of speeds guaranteed. Wired connection and appropriate equipment are required to consistently receive maximum speeds. 100% pure fiber-optic is less likely to slow down vs. coax (cable) connectivity.

Does REV Business offer any special or promotions?

Business customers are eligible for reduced rates for multiple services and a 3 year committment.

Where does REV Business offer fiber Internet?

Contact us to find our more about product availibility in your area.

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