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Business Phone

A business telephone service you can always depend on. Our affordable phone system comes loaded with basic calling features plus voicemail, long distance, and caller ID options. The phone service that terminates in your on-site telephone equipment, which you have the option to lease through REV Business.  

Add a business phone line for as low as $22 per line/month (with a 60-month agreement) or $24/per line/month (with a 36-month agreement). Other pricing available with additional contract terms. Taxes and fees will also apply.

Includes: Unlimited Local Calling Unlimited Long Distance in the 48 states Feature Pack with multiple calling features including call waiting, caller ID, and many more.

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Basic Features

  • Hunting
  • Phone Manager
  • Repeat Dial
  • Speed Call 8
  • Call Forwarding
  • Call Forward/Don’t Answer
  • Call Forward Busy Line
  • Preferred Call Forward
  • Remote Activation of Call Forward
  • 3 Way Calling
  • Caller ID Deluxe w/ Anonymous Call Rejection
  • Call Waiting
  • Call Return
  • Call Block
  • Call Tracing
  • Call Transfer

    Optional Features

    Voicemail Options
    • Message Waiting
    • Multiple Voicemail Boxes – 1 to 4 Boxes
    • Voicemail Announcement
    Long-Distance Features
    • Plans available with free long distance minutes
    • Authorization Code, project code, split code
    • International Toll Call Block
    Long-Distance Restrictions
    • 3rd Number Collect Call Restriction
    • 3rd Number Call Restriction
    • Collect Call Restriction
    Caller ID Options
    • Caller ID with Number Identification
    • Controls Outbound Caller ID Signal
    Toll Blocks
    • Toll Restriction
    • 900/976 Number Block
    • Authorization Code
    • Call Forward Variable Multiple Simultaneous Calls
    • Toll Restriction

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