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What is Managed WiFi?

Hassle-free wireless connectivity for your workspace. Establish secure wireless connectivity in the workplace for employees, and separate public access for guests. This flexible, fully managed WiFi solution provides an ultra-secure private wireless network for your employees, and can also be used to create a separate public network for guests.

Available Packages:

Bulk Managed WiFi – monthly charge per room at location
Access Point-Managed WiFi – monthly charge per installed access point
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Wireless networks allows multiple users to connect through the same network. In a fraction of seconds without any configurations, connections can be made through the router or a hotspot technology. This ease of use and convenience is not present in the wired networks. In a wired network, it takes more time to configure and allow access to multiple users.


As long as you are in the range of a WiFi Access Point, with WiFi you can carry out your regular works from anywhere you want especially with the mobile devices. You don’t have to always sit right in front of the computer to get internet access. Such works include, bank transactions, email sending and checking work reports.

Seamless Deployment

  • From customer relationship management (CRM) tools to data storage, the cloud is an important business tool for apps, hosting, and more
  • 96% of organizations are now using the cloud in some capacity
  • The speed and bandwidth capabilities of fiber Internet mean faster access to your data and applications stored in the cloud
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