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Our origin story

100 years of excellence

We’re ON to Help You Thrive in the Gulf South and Beyond

We’ve created a vast fiber network consisting of hundreds of miles of telecommunications infrastructure that extends all the way from Grand Isle, LA to Baton Rouge. This network acts as a catalyst for growth, giving businesses access to innovative technology, speeding up their operations, and connecting them to partners.

We’re ON to Helping You Work Smarter

Our communications and technology come with a coterie of business-improvement experts as well as an arsenal of built-for-business innovations, all at your disposal. We keep your data safer, move your packets faster, and stay always-on so that you can rest easier, knowing that we’ll always have your back.

We’re ON to Helping You Thrive in a Changing World

Changes don’t have to be challenges. If you’re transitioning to a remote workforce, undergoing a digital transformation, or investing in business efficiency, we’ll provide the technology and consulting component of your change management plan.

Louisiana’s Largest Privately Owned Network

Delivering high-quality connectivity requires a constant commitment to change and evolution.

Our Legacy

Legendary high-speed fiber networks aren’t built overnight. REV’s story begins with three separate companies and more than 150 years of convergent evolution.

In the communications landscape of Louisiana, a handful of nimble providers emerged as local leaders in next-generation internet. These pioneers demonstrated that they could establish larger fiber networks, give better service, and deliver more value by focusing on customers and innovation.

The original companies that would later form REV included:

  • RTC, originally in Reserve, LA, was founded in 1935 as a single phone line and that has now expanded throughout the entire region.
  • EATEL, originally in Ascension Parish, successfully launched one of the only 100 percent fiber-to-the-home networks in the country.
  • And Vision Communications, who originally served Lafourche Parish and the Grand Isle communities by expanding fiber and gig-speed internet to some of the most southern parts of the State.
We’re continuing to revolutionize our industry while continuing to serve our business community.

Although the service areas of the three companies were geographically distant, their values and commitment to customers were nearly identical.

In 2011, EATEL acquired Vision Communications, after recognizing the potential for an even larger network. Then later in 2019, RTC and EATEL merged, becoming one of the largest local providers in Louisiana.