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What is Metro E?

REV Business’ Metro Ethernet service combines the power of Ethernet and optical technologies across a metro area network (MAN) to deliver low-cost, scalable, and secure bandwidth. Connect to multiple locations within a service area using Ethernet protocol. Enhance productivity by enabling work groups and remote works to connect virtually across multiple offices and remote locations.

Thanks to our 24/7 Network Operations Center (NOC) located in Ascension Parish, we can provide constant network monitoring and always-on Tier I customer service. 
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  • Built strictly on Ethernet transport over the REV Business fiber infrastructure, rather than on legacy TDM technologies. 
  • Can be deployed as a point-to-point or point-to-multipoint topology and can support a vast array of standards-based deployments catered to the needs of specific applications and workloads. 
  • Layer 2 Metro Ethernet services as described by the Metro Ethernet Forum’s (MEF 6.2) Technical Specifications including both the E-Line (point-to-point) and E-LAN (multipoint-to-multipoint) service types. 
  • Supports both port based Ethernet Private Line service (EPL) and the VLAN based Ethernet Virtual Private Line service (EVPL). Also supports both port based Ethernet Private LAN service (EP-LAN) and the VLAN based Ethernet Virtual Private LAN service (EVP-LAN). 
  • Both REV Business’ E-Line and E-LAN services allow user configuration of one or more 802.1q VLAN tags and multiple 802.1p Class of Service markings. 
  • Optical or electrical hand-off at each customer site are available upon request. 
  • Ethernet services available throughout the world due to established Ethernet Network Peering HUBS to several regional and national communications networks.

Cost Savings

Increased flexibility with scalable bandwidth increments that allow you to pay only for what you need now and adapt as your needs change. 

Avoid Expensive Equipment

  • Compared to WAN networks, metro Ethernet connections are simple. This translates to the use of lesser equipment and ownership costs.


MAN supports a wide bandwidth ranging from 0 Mbps to 10 Gbps. Enterprises can opt for a bandwidth that suits the business requirements.


MAN allows both data sharing and VoIP over the network without compromising on the quality of either service. From live streaming to video conferencing, enterprises can get the same benefits of LAN Ethernet when using MAN.

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