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What is Managed LAN?

End to End fully managed Local Area Network solution. Enterprise grade networking equipment provisioned and maintained by our support staff – we take care of the equipment costs. Streamline your internal IT resources, and use a single provider.

If you’ve got one facility—such as a school, single office floor, on small office building—a local area network is a strong option.
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We install and configure a scalable solution that can grow with your business, monitor and maintain network equipment, and can even set up secure access to your network for remote employees.


LANs can operate dozens of times faster than WANs. It provides faster data transfer speeds and lower latency. 


  • The shorter distance means that there are fewer data transmission errors
  • Data doesn’t require encryption

Easy Implementation

The common components in a LAN network make for quicker set-up; you won’t need a team of technicians and multiple weeks to get your network up and running.

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