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Case Studies

The Watermark Hotel offers classic sophistication with modern connectivity

Services Provided:

Lightwave TV

Premium in-room entertainment that feels just like home. No special equipment necessary; full compatibility with any TV model.  

  • High-definition television with a robust channel lineup 
  • Multiple packages available ranging from 20 to 225 channels 
  • Responsive customer service 
Phone Services

Provide a comfortable, satisfactory experience for your guests. Our VoIP technology is inexpensive to install and offers a lower total cost of ownership, as compared to on-premises PBX. 

  • Standard business phone features with enhanced functionality for hospitality 
  • User-friendly interface enhances communications between customers and the front desk
  • Feature-rich system allows for call routing, automation, interactive voice response (IVR), and more  
WiFi Network

Speed isn’t just important to your guests; it’s essential. Provide a better-than-home connectivity experience for an affordable cost. 

  • Bragworthy high-speed fiber will set you apart from the competition 
  • Reliable fiber networks and local technicians ensure greater network availability 
  • Top-notch customer service and support; keep your networks running and guests happy 

EME has been producing innovative products used in sensitive medical situations for over 35 years.

Services Provided:

Fiber Internet

REV Business provides the Fiber difference. Faster internet and phone service with 100% optic fiber*, faster uploads and downloads mean increased productivity.

Hosted Phone

Hosted Business Phone gives small-to-medium size businesses a sophisticated, scalable, highly-functioning phone system typically only afforded by larger businesses.

2021 Business Phone Buyers Guide

Although it may seem overwhelming, choosing the right system is pretty straightforward if key concepts are explained simply enough. This white paper will help phone shoppers to select the perfect systems without making them feel overwhelmed. The paper breaks out buying trends such as remote work that are shaping the new market, explains the technologies in plain English, and provides easy-to-follow instructions for each step of the process.

Specifically, here’s what you’ll find in this white paper:
  • The Types of Phone Systems
  • Choosing the Right Solution: A Simple Walkthrough
  • REV Business’s Hosted Business Phone is a Versatile, Affordable Option
2021 Business Phone Guide


We have REV at both locations. All our new scales and POS system run on technology, and we need REV to make that happen for us.

Beau Bourgeois

Bourgeois Meat Market, 4th generation family member

If you are looking for a really good provider, REV is without a doubt the company to deal with.

Mark Boudreaux

Terrebonne Parish Communications District's executive director

The partnership between Lamar and REV has been a seamless marriage that I don’t know how we lived without

Kyle Rogers

General Manager, Lamar-Dixon Expo Center

As a telecommunicator, your job is first and foremost about reliability, trust, and confidence and that is the same thing that REV Business is to us.

Mark Boudreaux

Executive Director of Terrebonne Parish 911

Everything we do is data-driven, and having reliable phone and internet service is critical. REV Business is the way to go.

Blane Brignac

Agency Manager of Farm Bureau of St. James

The REV team is local and reliable. We consider them partners of  Paretti.

Mike Rase

Owner of Paretti Family Dealerships.

REV [Business] has been an amazing partner

Josh Culbreth

Firehouse Subs

My business runs on technology and REV [Business] provides me with the speeds I need to have multiple programs running,

Michael Bonfanti

CFP, Bonfanti Investment Services

During Hurricane Ida the roof was flying off the building, and we never lost connection. That’s a testament to all of the work and connectivity that we have with REV Business

Chett Chiasson

MPA Executive Director, Greater Lafourche Port Commission

Because of our partnership with REV we know we don’t have to worry, they are here, a phone call away.

Karen Collins CEO

Lady of the Sea

“It’s like picking up the phone and calling your uncle.” – on the relationship with REV Business

President Archie Chaisson

Lafourche Parish

REV gives us consistent reliable services. We’ve never had a connection issue.

Laurann Neucere

Business Owner

I would recommend REV Business to anybody, especially new businesses coming into our parish.

Wayne Vicknair

Business Owner

It was an incredibly quick turnaround service coming into our new facility.

Kelly Gonzales

Principal & Co-founder

I really see REV Business as a trusted business partner that we can feel confident in, and is going to answer the call when we need assistance in a time of crisis.

Sonny Orgeron

IT Manager

If you are a business owner and looking for reliable phone and internet service I would recommend REV.

Dr. J. Anthony Stephens

Plastic Surgeon

If you are looking for great service and a great quality product, REV Business is definitely the way to go. The customer service they provide is first-rate. We are happy to be a partner of theirs.
Watermark Hotel Baton Rouge

Having consistency is the biggest thing that we can ask for and REV helps provide us with that. If you are looking for great customer service, high speed internet at an affordable price I would highly recommend REV.
Matthew Holmes

Owner, Holmes Building Material

I chose REV because they are a local company. Their reliability has been exceptional. I would highly recommend REV to other business owners because they are a good partner.

Chris Nelson

Owner, Roosters Men's Grooming

REV has been phenomenal. We have locations across Louisiana and if I could have REV at every location, I would. REV understands my needs as a medical clinic.


Bridget A. Pitre

CEO, Action Therapy & Wellness

You choose a provider for the relationship, you choose them to be there when you need them, and I would recommend REV for that part of this relationship to anyone

Mickey Guidry

Altus Wealth Management

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