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You deserve connectivity that delivers consistency, quality, and reliability. And we’re right here with you – bringing you closer to your data, systems, and customers like never before. REV is committed to providing service that goes the extra mile, with a team who will do whatever it takes to keep your business up and running.

Symmetrical Internet. Same upload and download speeds.

Why Switch?

Business is fast. Our Internet is faster.

REV Business Internet will boost your business to the next level. With an extensive high-speed fiber network that’s always growing, your business will do more in less time.

  • REV Business is one of the only regional telecom providers with a symmetrical speed tier system built for businessses of all sizes
  • REV Business’s carrier backbone is one of the most robust in the region, comprised of a 100-gig fiber pipe to Atlanta and Dallas
  • With download speeds up to 1 Gbps, your company’s direct line to fiber-based Internet service is as fast as you need it to be
  • We offer a comprehensive portfolio of solutions, ranging from simple business phone systems to managed networks, including Metro E and WiFi connectivity
  • REV Business’s support teams, product experts and core operations are locally grown, right here in South Louisiana

More Speed

Fiber-optic Internet is many times faster than even the highest-speed copper Internet connections. 

As businesses adopt increasingly bandwidth-hungry applications, the need for faster speeds and performance is essential. Propelled by technology trends such as the shift to remote work and the rise of software-defined networking, the importance of a robust network and fiber technology is more important than ever.

Improved Cloud Access

  • From customer relationship management (CRM) tools to data storage, the cloud is an important business tool for apps, hosting, and more
  • 96% of organizations are now using the cloud in some capacity
  • The speed and bandwidth capabilities of fiber Internet mean faster access to your data and applications stored in the cloud

Consistent Reliability

Fiber is much stronger than copper. It is not susceptible to inclement weather conditions, which can damage or stall data transmission via copper cabling. Fiber is also resistant to human or electrical interference unless fibers are physically cut. Any amount of unplanned downtime can have real costs to productivity.

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Increased Bandwidth

Businesses’ data transmission needs are steadily increasing. As a result, higher demands are being put on their networks: (web conferencing, video streaming, cloud applications and file sharing, etc). It’s imperative that your Internet connection is sufficient to support your company’s legitimate bandwidth demands.

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