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Access America Terms and Conditions

Access America is a bundled long distance and local service offering available only to local residential customers of Advanced Tel, Inc. Access America customers are eligible for local and unlimited 1+ presubscribed domestic toll calling. Customers must dial 1 plus the area code, if applicable, and the terminating number to complete a call utilizing this service. Access America customers must be presubscribed to Advanced Tel, Inc. for intraLATA and interLATA toll calling and to Advanced Tel, Inc. for Complete Connect local service.

Access America shall include 1+ presubscribed domestic toll calls to the fifty (50) states and U.S. possessions and territories. Such calling shall not include party/power chat conference calls, international toll, LOS charges or other tolls not associated with presubscribed services, including, but not limited to, charges for ELCA calls, charges for 900 calls, charges for collect calls, charges for 3rd party calls, other pay per calls, calling card calls, operator assisted charges, toll free calling services, directory assistance charges or other related or similar charges.

Access America is designed for residential customers who use their phone lines primarily for voice calling. This plan cannot be used for placing interLATA or intraLATA calls to online services or Internet access services or for any commercial use, for any use inconsistent with residential service, or for any services that do not involve a person-to-person conversation or voice messages. If the Company determines that usage is not consistent with typical Residential Customer usage, the Customer may be subject to an additional fee of $50.00 per month or offered an alternative plan at the Company’s sole discretion. For the purpose of this plan, total monthly usage that exceeds 1500% of the Company’s average total eligible usage for Customers under this plan within the state of Louisiana shall not be deemed typical usage.

In order to be eligible for this plan, the Company must be able to verify that the Customer meets these eligibility requirements. Customers who no longer meet these eligibility requirements will not be eligible for this plan and will be contacted by the Company and offered an alternative plan.

The Company reserves the right to exclude certain terminating telephone numbers from this plan. Calls to these numbers will be billed at applicable MTS rates.

The offering of Access America to Advanced Tel, Inc. customers shall have no impact on the definition of Basic Local Exchange Service or the definition of Local Service Area. This bundled offering shall not affect the ability of Advanced Tel, Inc. to charge terminating and originating access on toll traffic.

Customer lines associated with educational institutions (colleges, universities, etc.), schools or churches are not eligible for this plan.

This plan is not available for resale.

Access America is $49.95 per month plus applicable taxes and fees. Such rate shall include the tariffed rate for Complete Connect Service referenced and contained in Advanced Tel, Inc.’s Local Exchange Tariff No. 4.

*From the General Services Tariff No. 2

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