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Not all connections are equal.

Coax vs. Fiber

Lear more about the differences between coax and fiber infrastructures.


Easy to install. Easy to locate. Relatively inexpensive.



More reliable. Faster transmission. Low attenuation.

High Frequency

Made primarily of copper, a coaxial cable transmits data from place-to-place through electricity.

Easy Installation

Coaxial cable can be easily installed compared to fiber cable. Due to its basic hand hooks, jobs are completed without any complexities. 

Less Expensive

Coaxial cable is less expensive. It has great flexibility, so it can easily to install and scaled as per need.

More Latency

Cable Internet is susceptible to latency, particularly when downloading or uploading video or high-definition content

Less Secure

Would-be hackers and information thieves can gain access to business cable Internet with relative ease, due to cable tapping or other relatively simple methodologies.

Strong Signal Strength

The signal strength of fiber optic Internet does not degrade as quickly over distance. Organizations in relatively large spaces could benefit from better signal strength throughout the facility.

Symmetrical Speed

“Symmetric speed” is a term used to refer to equal upload and download times on an Internet connection. With fiber Internet, your employees can benefit from equal upload and download times

Resistant to Interference

Unlike copper, fiber Internet signals do not degrade or disappear due to electromagnetic interference. If your organization shares a telecommunications room with other businesses, fiber-optic Internet can protect your connectivity from disappearing if other organizations are using equipment that can interfere with your connection in the same space.

More Complex Installation

 Fiber-Optic cables are much more difficult to install and can easily get damaged during the process.

Availability Challenges

While fiber has grown in popularity due to its greater bandwidth and faster speeds, it is not available in all areas. 

Symmetrical Internet Now Available

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