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CPNI: Rights of Privacy Info

Additional Information About Your CPNI Rights

You have the right to disapprove of the use of and to deny or withdraw access to CPNI at any time. You may do this in writing, orally or by electronic means. Your approval or denial of approval will remain in effect until you revoke it. A denial of your approval or a restriction on the use of your CPNI will not affect the provision of any services to which you subscribe now or in the future. You may give the Company instructions to disclose CPNI to unaffiliated third parties upon submission of a written, oral or electronic request. While this regulation requires the Company to send this information at your request, it is important that you understand the Company has never provided this type of information to anyone other than you, the Customer.

Unless you specifically opt out or choose to not allow us to use your CPNI to market services related to those to which you presently subscribe, we may use information to market additional services to you.